American Kenpo

American Kenpo is a self defense system that was designed and created for the street by SGM Ed Parker. It has evolved since its inception and it continues to do so today.

American Kenpo classes are available on Tuesday Nights at 7pm at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport. Call Morrison Tactical for more information.

Torite Jutsu

Torite Jutsu is a system of joint locking and striking techniques utilising acupuncture points to enhance the effectiveness in self defense. Torite Jutsu can be compaired with the Chinese arts of Dim Mak and Chin Na. Torite Jutsu is basically putting the information of martial science into techniques. For example, the simple technique of centre lock is used in most martial arts in one form or another. In this art instead of just being a joint lock relying on physical pressure to execute, we use the five element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to perform the technique with much less effort. Where a joint lock normally takes the pressure of the hand, our method uses the pressure of two fingers. Torite Jutsu methods can be applied to any art to enhance and understand the deeper nature of your arts forms. YOU will learn the weak points of the body and how to practically apply techniques to them to easily overcome your attacker.